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#Metoo.  Women are abused in all forms. Not just sexually. One of today’s top news stories is about sexual abuse – something that allegedly happened 20+ years ago.  So what about those who find the courage to tell their true life’s story of verbal and physical abuse today — only to be subjected to fear through threats of retribution?

Someone needs to make a stand. Abuse in all forms is unacceptable. It shouldn’t matter the degree. Sexual, verbal, physical, mental or even bullying. It’s wrong. Abuse in all forms is wrong.

I applaud those who have the courage to come forward, sharing their trials and tribulations. It takes tenacity and grit. Unfortunately, even with freedom of speech, those victims then become the target of criticism and ridicule. Many times those courageous souls are then threatened with claims of defamation and slander — legal intimidation, only to placed back in the victim seat once again.

Our society needs to change.

If you agree…. share this message. Share it with your friends. Support the #metoo movement and for all those who have ever been made to feel less than or hurt. Now is the time to stand up – and shout from the roof tops “No More!” Listen, learn and help others.

Life is a gift. One we must cherish. Love and help one another.

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